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DealAgain: home of something quite cool

Cherished as one of the main affiliated websites closely working with the American e-commerce giant Amazon to expand its worldwide reach, particularly in Canada, DealAgain offers a product offering of more than 10,000 references spread over some forty universes/product category.

And in order to better serve you, the company is continuing to diversify its offer, in particular through the development of its product sheet management system – to only show you the products that interest you the most; and the promotion of those who offers the best value for money to a specific clientele.

DealAgain has been specially structured to direct users to the process adapted to their request. With us, too, the Internet user has been placed at the centre of our concerns: our brand is particularly transparent and warns its customers of current difficulties, in terms of delivery and application processing time.

Why working with Amazon?

The e-commerce giant Amazon, was launched in 1994 as an online bookseller and then diversified into a huge logistics centre. The American company offers a fairly wide and specialized range of its own products, online services, but above all gives companies around the world the opportunity to market their products on its marketplace. Amazon is clearly at the forefront of online marketplaces: in Canada alone the website exceed 20 million unique visits per month.

Amazon Canada! is the Canadian version of the American website, which is an e-commerce platform known worldwide. The latter was created in 1994 by the famous Jeff Bezos, whose numerous innovations and management have enabled Amazon to become one of the most important e-commerce sites in the world!

This platform offers electronic, cultural and clothing products as well as a multitude of articles intended for the general public, with an impressive and very varied catalogue. You can buy what you want, and especially enjoy many promotions on Amazon ! It is easy to succumb to all these superb offers in order to have all these products.

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